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Laptop Charger Tips

Treating your laptop charger well can prolong the life of your computer and save you a ton of headaches later. If you have a laptop, you have a laptop charger. Also often called an adapter, most laptop chargers are comprised of one of two sections of cord with an adapter box somewhere in the middle, a tip that plugs into your computer and an electrical plug.

Watch Where You Store It

Leaving your adapter in a hot car or outside when it's below freezing is not a good idea. Exposure to extreme temperatures can wreak havoc with adapter performance, slowing your charging time or making your adapter useless for a short period of time. If your Acer adapter is frequently exposed to hot or cold temperatures, the amount of power the adapter can handle could be reduced, and you could have to replace your laptop charger sooner rather than later.

Be Nice to Your Cord

A common reason for laptop charger replacement is a damaged laptop charger cord. So, be as nice to your cord as possible. Keep your cord separate from your laptop. If the weight of your laptop smashes the cord, it could cause unwanted kinks or other cord damage. When your laptop is attached to the Dell adapter, try to keep it in one place so the cord doesn't become twisted.

Have an Extra

There's nothing worse than having a low battery and finding out your laptop charger suddenly isn't working. Keep an extra laptop charger on hand. If you tend to travel, keep your second charger close but in a separate location from the one you usually use. If one charger comes up missing, you'll still have a backup.

Replace the Part

If your laptop charger becomes defunct, you may be able to save yourself some money by replacing a single part instead of the whole charger. Before you press purchase on a brand, spanking new unit, check your charger cord and the cords input into your computer. Often times, a lack of charge may be caused by a bad input tip. Input tips, which plug into your computer, can be purchased and replaced separately, without having to replace the entire charger.

How to Take Apart a Laptop Charger

A laptop charger provides power to the laptop and the battery. Without a correctly functioning charger, the computer will not hold a charge. In some cases it is possible to take the laptop charger apart and make any necessary repairs. Often, the cord on the charger has shorted out and must be fixed. The process of taking apart the charger is straightforward, although the outcome depends on how the charger was built and secured by the manufacturer.

Open the HP AC adapter by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the trim. Some chargers are glued together, so a knife is needed to separate and open the charger. Depending on the manufacturer, however, a charger may have been designed to be impossible to open.

Remove all of the cord that is coiled up inside the adapter. Use wire cutters to carefully cut and remove the plastic cord without cutting the metal wires inside the cord. Check the entire length of the cord to locate the short, which will be visibly damaged or frayed.

Use the wire cutters to remove the portion of the metal wire that is damaged. Shave both remaining ends of the wire down by half and twist them together to reconnect the wire. Cover the exposed metal with electrical tape to bond and protect the wire.

Plug the cord into an electrical outlet to check if the charger is working correctly. Recoil the cord back into the adapter and pop both halves back into place. If the charger was glued together, a small amount of glue can be used to secure both of the halves of the Toshiba adapter.

Evaluate the laptop charger if it is still not working correctly. Taking a charger to a laptop technician can be expensive, so purchasing a new charger may be the best option.

Computer World recommends replacing a laptop cord that is significantly broken or frayed outside of the adapter because it may become a fire hazard. If there is only a small outer fray that does not directly impact the inner cord, then a layer of silicone sealer can be applied to fix it.

Always take care when working on electrical equipment to avoid sustaining serious injuries and burns. If a laptop cord is significantly damaged, replace it to avoid a potential fire hazard.

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