A Frosty Reception

My brother’s acupuncture clinic has just relocated, and I’ve been recruited for purposes of kitting out their new space with a bit of vibe. I’ve actually never done a job quite like this before – I mean, I do have experiences with coordinating spatial decor solutions, but not for this type of operation. The aesthetic they plan to push is very clean and crisp, yet not corporate per se. It must have their spiral-centric logo featured and splashes of translucent blue in the mix for good measure. The brief is all fairly specific.

I think I’ve got the solution, though. Their new treatment rooms are to be framed by glass dividers, and there’s an opportunity here to leverage the dual needs for privacy and branding. I believe we can meet these needs with some custom glass frosting. In Melbourne, this stuff is pretty common in offices and clinics. It’s kind of a film that attaches over the glass, and you can have designs digitally cut or printed into it – a logo, for example. Colours can be added to the mix, too. Perfect.

Alright, that’s sorted. I suppose if that’s what’s happening, we might as well look into tinting the windows while we’re at it – I’m guessing the crew wants the clinic to be some kind of cooling oasis that feels distinct from the outside world. I know that, here in Melbourne, window tinting for commercial spaces is pretty standard, so it should be easy to find a company that can make it happen just way bro and co want it. Who knows? Maybe there’s even such thing as a blue tint. That’d be nice.

If I’m not mistaken, window tinting is done with films that are similar to the ones used for glass frosting. If we’re lucky, we can get one company to do both jobs. But yeah, apparently this tinting film rejects something like 99 percent of UV rays, which keeps the indoor temperature low even when it’s hot outside.

Bro is lucky to have me on board! Time to go and badger him for a free exercise ball or something.