Christmas inspired backyard renovations for local community

A local community has gotten into the “Christmas in July” mentality, with more than 12 homes around the neighbourhood of northern Carlton being transformed into “rainy wonderlands” for the upcoming Christmas in July festivities. The festivities, which are set to occur towards the end of the months “should be all the better” thanks to a slew of recent landscaping completed by North Melbourne gardeners that was done in accordance with the mission statement.

“Come the 25th of this month, you are going to see such merry that you’ll be blown away,” promises organiser Tim Hadley. “The mission statement is meant to be a way to set in place mandatory guidelines that the community can follow to ensure they have the best time possible, and meet the landscaping guidelines that were set out to maximise the jolly this year.”

“This couldn’t be better timing for the community at large,” stated local community member Ned Stately. “There were a large number of houses whose backyards, and front yards, were in terrible states, and having a mandatory-fun Christmas in July event will kick everyone into gear.”

Thanks to the award winning garden landscaping the event is set to draw huge crowds, including lost tourists and senior citizens. “It’ll be the biggest crowd we’ve ever had,” stated Hadley.

“Bigger than the time that bus load of airport transfers got stuck on some lights and had to stay for a few hours, and it’s all thanks to the landscaping.”

The garden landscaping projects have varied in style, “but never in quality” according to Hadley. “We ensure to call up the best for landscaping in town. Of particular note is the special attention paid to the bluestone pavers, Melbourne residents can’t get enough of them.”

The event is giving away free mistletoe and candy canes to all attendees over the weekend. Entry is by gold coin donation with proceeds going to the local lost dogs shelter.