Garden Flourishes after sewer incident

An man has described his joy after seeing his garden recover from a burst sewer pipe, as it now grows at twice the speed.

Michael Vandry, 64, had his newly landscaped garden almost destroyed by a flood of sewage late last month after a pipe burst underneath his property. Sewage covered his entire garden, and all plant life was believed to have been lost. However, after a two-week process of removing all of the hazardous waste, it was found that most of the plants were still alive and well, and thriving. Unfortunately this didn’t extend to the driveway, which had to be replaced as the stains were impossible to remove.

“It’s almost a gardening miracle,” says Vandry, speaking from his North Melbourne property. “Whatever was in that pipe must have worked as some kind of super fertilizer. Everything is growing nicely.”

However, Vandry has also stated that the growth has not eased his anger over the need for new driveway resurfacing. Melbourne North residents staged a campaign against the local council to instigate a full clean of all drains and sewers in the area. Multiple blockages were found and removed that could have caused serious problems in the future.

“I’m not complacent because of all the growth in my garden,” says Vandry, “It could easily have gone the other way and destroyed everything. And let’s not forget that the pipes burst and flooded the neighbourhood with an unpleasant smell for weeks. I’m just thankful that the work I had done by local Melbourne North garden landscapers wasn’t ruined.”

Meanwhile, botanists have come from all parts of the city to study Mr Vandry’s plants in the hopes of uncovering the exact chemical mix that helped them to flourish. Their results so far have been inconclusive.