It is I, Georgina Glass

Phew, this place is SO much hotter than Canada! And like, people are still griping about the cold. I suppose it’s all relative, what with me living in the frozen north…15-degrees is balmy where I’m from. Everyone rushes to the beach to soak up all the rays, or at least as much as they can get through the cloud cover. Though I have been told that Melbourne folk are much better about this sort of thing than the people further north, like in Brisbane. I just can’t even imagine.

I asked the family I’m staying with if there was a lot of air conditioning in Melbourne. Apparently it’s pretty common, but a lot of the year you don’t really end up using it. Most public places will have it though, which works fine for me. I’m here to spread the news of my new and innovative beauty treatments, and cosmetics don’t get on well with heat. I once travelled to Jackson in Mississippi, and it was during a heat wave. I was supposed to be putting on a beauty show, but it turned into more of a horror show with how the mascara started dripping down people’s faces. And no one was even bothered! They just said that it wasn’t quite hot enough to put on the air conditioning, and the show went on with all of my models trying not to wilt.

At least in Melbourne they seem more sensitive about their air conditioning services. Just flick that switch when things get a bit unpleasant, and you’re cool in no time. Where I’m from, they’d probably call that dark magic.

And while Melbourne’s air conditioning services have been great, my family haven’t let up about me finding a good man, since I don’t seem to be able to in Canada. Oh, ha HA, everyone. Though I’m not OPPOSED to the idea, you know?

-Georgina Grass