Weird pets at the vet

We’re an animal-loving family, so it’s nice that we all have something to watch on a Thursday night. It’s the one night when we’re all in, so it’s cups of tea all around and the latest episode of Doctor Leroy: The Weird Pets of Oz.

My only complaint is that the show has been running for seven years and he spends most of his time in Melbourne, so the ‘weird pets’ has extended to things like normal dogs with strange names, or sometimes things that are downright innocuous. Like bad-tempered cats. Still, Doctor Leroy is a charmer, and very good on-screen so he makes it entertaining.

Still, last time I took Benson down to our pet surgery near Bayside I was talking to some people in the waiting room, and they didn’t seem so keen on the show. I was pretty surprised at this- I would’ve thought that the type of person you meet in a vet would be well into Doctor Leroy and his family-friendly pet shenanigans. They said that they find him very silly, and he often tries to make too much of a big deal out of dull pets.

Dull pets? Doctor Leroy’s motto is that there’s no such thing as a dull pet. He can take a story about a fish going to a pet hospital and make it into a heartwarming tale of animal recovery. He actually did last week. And who cares if he’s not a real vet? He doesn’t actually treat animals; it’s just an animal feature show, while ‘Doctor’ is just a fun title.

It was all a bit strange. Sounds like they wouldn’t accept any show about animals unless it was hosted by a qualified vet from a Moorabbin vet surgery with good reviews and perfect teeth.  It’s ALL about the perfect teeth nowadays. Good dental hygiene and cute animals are the new recipe for family television success.