A Touch of Glass

There’s something about a beautifully designed office space that really speaks to me. Maybe it’s something to do with having worked in fairly dull medical centre offices for the past few years, but I seem to be developing a real appreciation for thoughtful details and custom finishings that make the space feel special.

For example, I recently visited a retail store in Hong Kong that opened my eyes to the power of natural light in showing people in, well, their best light (literally). It was a designer clothing boutique, and I was struck by how the glass skylight over the change rooms made me look everything look unusually flattering in the well-angled mirrors. And their glass display units were tastefully lit from within – I couldn’t quite figure out how it was done, but it made the glass appear sort of invisible.

I don’t know how this would translate to an office, but I’m willing to bet there are glass-specialising designers who are in with the whole retail architecture thing, and would be able to install interesting features like these. At the very least, there must be some half-decent commercial glass installers in Melbourne who are capable of repairing the cracked bathroom mirrors at my office (not that you’d guess, given how long things like this seem to take to get repaired).

Perhaps my preoccupation with spatial design has something to do with wishing the managers of the building I work in would lift their game. I mean, not to this boutique’s level, necessarily, but just to one that’s a bit less depressing. The stairs, for instance, could do with a new handrail, but apparently it’s not deemed a hazard… yet. Why not just get in now with the glass balustrade installation and be done with it, instead of waiting til that flimsy beam gives way?

I guess I’m probably in the wrong industry to be demanding an up to the minute, aesthetically oriented work environment. Having custom glass fittings isn’t exactly a primary concern of medical administrators. I’d probably be happier to go in to work if it was, though.