Airhead Car Owner

My colleague Randall just got a new car. It’s so fresh off the showroom floor, you can use it as a mirror. It’s aqua coloured and kind of sparkly when the sun hits it at a certain angle. As for any details beyond that level of superficiality, don’t ask him, because he isn’t the slightest bit interested. It’s a bit disconcerting, to tell you the truth, how few shucks he gives about keeping track of the paperwork it came with – he’s already gone and misplaced the manufacturer’s logbook.

I’ve just been trying to explain to him why he needs to replace it, and that it’s the norm for people who buy new cars to have them serviced by the log book. Car servicing in the Ringwood area tends to compatible with this – my mechanic complies with it automatically – but you need the logbook in order to keep a record of it. Seems simple to me, but Randall doesn’t appear to get it. Sigh.

In addition, he told me that he’d joined the RACV, on his mother’s advice, without having any idea what it is. He doesn’t even know what the acronym stands for – he probably thinks it’s the Really Awesome Car Vroomers society or something. Anyway, I told him he should find a mechanic that does RACV-accredited servicing in Ringwood, because his membership will give him a discount. I have no doubt that he’s already forgotten that piece of info; if not, he definitely will have by the time his car is due for a service.

I just hope he’s bothered to hook up car insurance – knowing him, he’s bound to absent-mindedly leave the handbrake off at some inopportune moment. It’s just a matter of time. Anyway, there’s not much point arguing with him about it; I’m just going to make sure never to leave my car across from his in the staff car park.