Anti wrinkle treatments are a gift

When my mother offered to take me to get some cosmetic treatments before my wedding I was a little shocked. My mother and I have never gotten along that well, recently we have both decided to get to know each other better. We wanted to strengthen our relationship and spend more time as a family. I hadn’t lived with my mother for over ten years and out of nowhere she wants to spend time with me. I moved out when I was 15 and have never been back to the house since. Our agreement was made after one of my close friends lost her mother in a car accident. After that I promised to make a significant effort to build stronger relationships with all of my family members. My mother even asked if I wanted to move back home, I politely declined. Although naturally I agreed to a free day at the beauty clinic with her.

I was looking forward to spending the afternoon getting a few procedures taken care of. The beauty therapists were exceptionally nice, greeting us with big smiles and warm conversation. I went straight in to get my anti wrinkle injections. Melbourne has been my home for such a long time now, I can’t ever see myself moving to back to the suburbs. I’m only a few weeks away from marrying the man of my dreams. I think she knows that once I’m married there is no chance of me every moving home again.

My mother had been getting cosmetic treatment ever since she turned 50, her favourite was dermal cheek fillers at a Melbourne beauty clinic. While Mum had her cheek fillers taken care of, I decided there was time took into other treatments. I thought it best to inquire about laser hair removal for my wedding as it had been on my mind. After the fillers Mum surfaced and was looking fantastic. I decided that was the perfect opportunity to tell her that I had decided to stay in the city. She was a little disappointed but understood my decision. Later that afternoon I offered to treat mother to dinner so she could spend some time with my future husband. It was ironic, we had spent the day with the plan to build our relationship but we hadn’t been in the same room or spoken a word to each other since we walked in the door. It was like living at home again.