Big developments being with Birthdays

I’m getting all excited again, I know, but you don’t know how excited I get about Week of Our Lives. My life is pretty boring, I guess, so it really helps me to plug into the world of fiction and live vicariously through it. As you do, you know?

Yeah, so Tom has put his foot in it again! He took over the fishmongers and I looked at him and thought…he’s up to no good. A single father on television portrayed in a positive light? No good ever comes of something like that, and I was right because it was revealed that he was the dreaded Mime Murderer.

More on him later. So Harriet is trying to find a kid’s birthday party venue in Melbourne, because she’s a single mother of six and wants to give her children the very best she could afford. While at another birthday party she meets Tom, who just finished his PhD in criminal psychology (SO obvious) and he draws her in with talk about how he’s an altruistic father who wants to get a good job and provide for his family. Oh, and say, his own kids are having a party, so why don’t they combine their efforts to find a birthday party venue everyone could enjoy? Harriet is fresh off that whole business with the platypus farming scam and is especially vulnerable, so she’s sucked in. Also, one of her eyes is made of glass and she doesn’t think she’ll ever find a good man.

That’s where they left things: Harriet alone with Tom in the fishmonger shop, giving him googly eyes (or googly eye) and him being all smiley and helpful.

What happens next? Will she realise who he is before it’s too late?? Will they find a party venue in Melbourne that suits Harriet’s germ standards? She really loves her moist towelettes, so I hope whichever place they choose has cleaning standards. Oh…and the mime thing. Excited!