Boats Are Fine for Kids, I Guess

Kids movies just keep getting weirder. I’m all for strong female characters- even though Bizney has been doing those for years and no one seems to notice- but they seem to think they can just make the story whatever, and it’ll all be fine because there’s a scene where a young princess does something extreme. Okay then. Like, this one I just watched with my niece that was all about coconuts, and a girl who goes on a voyage to return a sacred coconut to an island before the world is hit with a great coconut famine. Also, there was a talking chicken.

I wouldn’t have watched it, but my brother is interested in stuff related to boats and the¬†Melbourne outboard motor servicing¬†industry. All that water related stuff is interesting. My niece visited him at work one time and now she’s obsessed with boats and the sea and beaches. At least there are a few of THOSE around the place, although not so much where my brother lives. She keeps saying that one day she wants to build a boat and sail away to have an adventure, which is probably fine for a six-year-old. I think I was about the same age when I wanted to invent a machine that turned my greatest enemies into teddy bears, and I was deadly serious about it. I’m guessing if this lasts, it’ll develop into a healthy love for fishing and boat-related things. Although judging from how absolutely nuts she is right now, there’s a slight chance that she’ll grow up and sail away to start a coconut farm in the Indonesian sea. I don’t want to say that in front of her, because these movies are giving her enough weird ideas, but really at this point it’s fifty-fifty. My money is on her growing up crazy. Or, maybe, she’ll grow up and follow her Dad’s footsteps and service anchor winches in Melbourne, and all that stuff. But no one actually does that any more. Now THAT would be totally crazy.