Boats Don’t Come Cheap, Apparently

The eternal problem with new hobbies is that they’re just so expensive, every time. I wanted to be a film buff for a while, you know, until the cost of expensive cinema tickets started racking up and I couldn’t continue. Thing is, you can’t do anything in half-measures when it’s supposed to be your hobby. There’s no finding cheap tickets in the middle of the day and that’s that. No, you have to go to conventions, buy merchandise, pretend you care about discussions, and I had no time for any of that.

So…why am I trying again, with boating? Maybe because there’s some sort of boating commuter trend on right now, and I like the thought of being at the helm with the wind in my hair? Still the same basic principle: I looked into the prices of plate alloy boats, and like…in terms of plate alloy boats, they’re fine. I’m not saying they’re ‘overpriced’. People who’ve been into boats for years will have no problem just casually picking up a new one, because they’re boat people and it’s what they do. But for someone trying to break into the trend? It’s probably one of the most expensive hobbies to suddenly pick up. Maybe I’ll get myself a nice inheritance from an unknown uncle that’ll help propel e into the world of fishing rod holders and swim decks. Or maybe it can be like in ‘Row, Anna!’ where she uncovers a rowboat in her grandfather’s mansion and takes it to the sea. But I doubt it.

Best I can do right now is get a bunch of fishing and rowing friends, possibly by hanging out in pubs near the docks, and basically mooch off them until I wait for that currently-unknown uncle to die. Then they could teach me all about bait boards and marine welding, and I’d be properly set up by the time I scrounged together enough funds.

Phew…see how much effort there is in picking up a new hobby? If only there were some out there that were zero cost. I don’t think they exist, though.