Feet Need Love Too

When I was a kid I visited a podiatrist, and was given orthotics to wear. Being five years old, I didn’t really know what they were, but I liked them because they made me feel a tiny bit special. I now know that they’re arch support insoles. Regardless, they seemed to be the ticket – I now have excellent foot health.

Foot care is a topic that probably isn’t at the forefront of most people’s minds. I wonder if this has to do with the sedentary lifestyles that many of us lead – first we’re in the car, then at a desk all day before getting back in the car and ending up on the couch. Day to day, people in developed societies have increasingly limited cause to value what our feet do for us.

Just because your feet get to chill under your desk all day, encased in stylish leather, doesn’t mean they’re healthy. Foot health issues abound – from problems with ingrown toenails and toenail fungus (I enjoy how bothered some people are by that word… toenail) to the effects on feet of conditions such as osteoarthritis and diabetes, there’s plenty that can go south down there. Thankfully there are people whose sole profession is to look after feet.

I wonder if there’d be as many problems if we relied on technologies (cars for transportation, TV for entertainment, lifts and elevators for vertical movement) and used our feet more, we’d have fewer health problems in that department. Still, though, toenail fungus happens (let me say that one more time: toenail fungus), tendonitis happens, osteoarthritis and diabetes happen, random weirdness that calls for children’s orthotics happen. So, even though we could look after our feet better, it’s great that there are people around who specialise in knowing how to fix them for us.