Fixing Boats, for AUSTRALIA

I remember back in the day when it all used to be about patriotism.

I mean, I don’t, because I’m only 26, but I’ve read about such times, and it’s obvious. People used to do basically everything because they were doing it for the glory of the country. So not just going to the Olympics, either; you’d sell fruit, and you’d do it for AUSTRALIA. Or you might teach children, for AUSTRALIA.

You know, that sort of thing. I miss those times, even though I’ve never actually participated in them. Just think it’d be nice. I wish I could go to get my boat fixed, to have my outboard motor servicing done in Melbourne, and I’d bring it in and they’d say YES, I’LL DO IT, FOR AUSTRALIA. Not in a super dramatic way or anything, so the caps might be a bit misleading. They’d just take it in, I’d say I think the outboard motor needs to be checked out, and they’d say something like ‘no problems, we’ll have that sorted out for you, and also we’re doing it for Australia, as we always do. Because patriotism is just a regular part of our day.’

Yeah, that sounds really nice. Nowadays, people don’t really know why they do anything. I go to work, and I work to get…money? Not money for Australia; it’s money for me, so that I can live and eat food. That’s why I think we need to bring back this blessed age of true patriotism, so that every tiny thing- from outboard motor repair to fruit selling- is done for a greater purpose. Like, you can go to other countries and say “Hi, I’m Carl, I do outboard motor servicing in Melbourne, which is in AUSTRALIA, the greatest nation on Earth, thus it is my driving motivation.”

And they’ll think it’s totally cool, because they also feel the same way about their country, and we’ll all be happy loving the place in which we live. So nice.