From shack to chic new home

Isn’t it crazy how in life sometimes everything can just happen at once? Like, one minute you think to yourself, ‘gee, you know, I’ve actually got everything really under control’, and the next minute you’re under so much pressure you could crush a lump of coal into a diamond.

For example, I thought I was completely on top of my wedding preparations. I’m a very organised person, and my fiance and I have a very similar vision for what we want. He’s also very involved, so I’ve been able to actually share the load extremely evenly between the two of us. It isn’t my wedding, it’s our wedding.

On the back burner for some time now has been our house hunt. We’ve talked even talked to a Melbourne based conveyancer about our options. I know it’s a bit of a strange thing to be sort-of-not-really doing, but with a whole wedding to put together, we’ve had to shift priorities a little bit. Over the years, we’ve seen lots of places we’ve loved the look of come and go, but one house has always had a special place in our hearts.

A month ago, we found out our dream home was up for sale once more and so, naturally, we jumped at the chance. One of the things I definitely didn’t realise was going to be such a huge deal has been doing all the property conveyancing. Melbourne has some pretty strict rules and regulations that my fiance and I have gone head-to-head with over the last few weeks as we desperately try and push the sale through as quickly as possible.

Amazingly, we got it! But that meant that we’ve been going through the process of finalising that purchase with our wedding quickly approaching. Talk about doing two things at once!

Our conveyancers have been amazing, navigating the sections 32 statement without them would have been nearly impossible. My goodness, it’s a lot of pressure to put on a newly married couple.