Ice Skating or Origami?

I was given a choice when I turned eight: origami or baking. The first is Dad’s thing, while Mum is the baker. I think they were trying to prove that their hobby was more important by the fact that their firstborn son chose one over the other, but…I chose a third option. Even at that tender age, I could see what they were doing, and I wanted no part in it. Now my sister has chosen origami, my brother loves baking and all the equilibrium has been restored while I just progress in my ice skating.

Yep, I chose something pretty out there. But while it’s not the best-known Australian pastime, least of all in Melbourne, there was an ice skating rink just down the road and I just thought…well, it looks cool. I barely have to walk to get there. And then when people have their birthday parties there, I can be the awesome one in the middle doing all the spins, and jumping, and whatever else. It’s been a good nine years or so, and I got my wish several times over. I guess because there’s been that ice skating boom, everyone wants to have parties there and such. So that means I get to subtly, humbly show off my moves, get the girls…you know how it is (awesome). Though it took blood, sweat, tears and probably other things before I got to that level!

Now I teach, sort of. It’s an informal thing, because I just feel like I got a bit of a head start in life and I want to pass that on to people. I guess I’ve really become some kind of super-fan, promoting the sport and following all the ‘ice skating news’. There’s not a huge amount of that when the Winter Olympics aren’t on, surprisingly. I got to meet that Yugoslavian guy, though. That was cool. But yeah, I guess ice skating instructor is something that’s on the cards for a bit later. Unless I gravitate towards baking in my later life.