My Beloved TV, Lifeless


…are down. By which I mean: “Oh! My television signals are down!” Sorry, I think I’m just so addicted to the drama that I forget myself sometimes. And of course, if anything is going to get me worked up, it’s my television aerial going on the blink before an episode of my beloved Week of Our Lives. I’d only just got the kids to bed, and Charles is working late again. I was hoping I’d squeeze the episode on before he gets back…working late always puts him in a bad mood. Doesn’t help that I had to stay an extra hour at the café today, which means the kids had to go to after school club, and I’m not sure how we’re going to pay for THAT with the water damage to the car…

Oh, I’m rambling. I always ramble when I don’t have the show to distract me in the evenings. Well…I wonder if the piggy bank can go a little further towards antenna installation. All across Melbourne people are tossing out their old ones that they got in the nineties and swapping to the new models. I’ll talk to Karen next time I’m in work, see if she can’t hook me up with something a little bit on the cheaper side. Of course, I’ll want some degree of quality, because the show really does mean a lot to me. Oh, Charles isn’t going to like it…but if he wants to go on holiday with his friends to Aruba over the weekend, whilst giving me hours of notice, then he can just stuff it in this one case.

Catch-up isn’t enough, of course. As soon as the new episode is broadcast, it’s ALL over the girls’ chat group. I could mute them, but since I’m the one who started it and am its most vocal member, I think they’re assume I’ve been hit by a bus or something. And it’ll be all over the web, in the magazines…no. There isn’t a moment to waste. I’m going to go, find a gap in the budget, cut down on a few coffees somewhere and find someone in Melbourne who installs TV antennas for us. Charles can hardly complain. He watches TV much more than I do!