Our Subtle Lighting Change

Mum and Dad took a holiday overseas recently, and us kids decided to do what they’d been threatening to do for nearly ten years- update the lighting in the living room and the kitchen. We got onto a consultant to talk about residential lighting ideas, and found some great solutions that would suit Mum and Dad really well.

We’re taking a risk, Mum is the tough nut to crack with any change, so Dad gave us the green light to do it while they were away. They’re pretty particular people who know what they like and will tell you what they hate, which is probably one of the main reasons that any of the changes have taken so long.  Dad nearly took a fall in the dark last year, and this made us all worry a lot about their safety as they get older.

So, we had a home lighting solutions consultant  come and talk to us as a group about what we wanted.Thankfully, we didn’t have to change a lot, but what we did need to change made a difference that we all agreed was nothing short of perfect.

There considerations we had to take into account we solid; we wanted them to have options that can be altered and could be used late at night when they need to get up.  We also needed alternatives that are easily maintained and could be individually altered- Mum is a reader, while Dad watches more TV, and they do this in the same room. This means that some of our lighting required dual control- Dad hates watching telly with lights on of an evening, but they would never sit in different rooms.

Mum and Dad got home last Thursday and they’re really pleased! Mum didn’t say much until we showed her how the light she used to leave off could now be used as a reading light without creating glare while Dad watched telly. Best decision ever!