Take A Risk, Sis

My little sister Samantha (okay, she’s not that little – she’s 20) has been going on about wanting to find a hair salon that uses Aveda products. Melbourne is still pretty new to her, and she doesn’t know where anything is yet; the other day she went to Brunswick when I told her to meet me on Brunswick St. So it’s no surprise that she’s seeking salon recommendations. I just wish she’d consult someone else, as I’ve told her several times that I have no idea about where to find such a thing.

Samantha has always been like this: constant extracting face-to-face recommendations when she could simply consult the internet like any normal person. She reckons it’s because people’s facial expressions reveal more about what they really think of something. If that’s her approach, I reckon her best bet is to choose an Aveda hair salon in the CBD, don’t stress about it too much, rock up for a haircut and see what she thinks of it herself. I mean, which you think about it, no recommendation – however sincere – is going to stack up to direct experience.

She’s never been the most experimental person around, though. I think I’m realising that her whole approach to life revolves around getting other people to test the waters on her behalf, then scrutinising their reactions to figure out if the experience in question is for her. She would never get a haircut from a salon to which she wasn’t directly referred by a trusted individual. This leads her to some positive outcomes, such as her preference for naturally derived and environmentally friendly hair products.

Unfortunately, it also means that she misses out on the thrill of deliberately taking a risk. In my opinion, getting a haircut from an untested salon is one of the less loaded rists that one can take in life. Maybe I’ll randomly choose a salon for her and tell her that I’ve been there myself. If she doesn’t like it, perhaps it’ll be a life lesson from her.