The Wallpaper of Love

I know I’m just a lowly teenager, and my whole life is ahead of me…but I don’t think I can take it anymore! I showed the art I’ve been working on to my crush, Lucy Park, in the hopes that it would finally make her love me and it did not go well.

I’ve been trying for two weeks, but nothing has worked. Seriously, she’s so…pretty. And her Dad is totally rich. But I’ve done like, five things for her, and she just said thanks each time. Man, what’s a guy gotta do to get a girl to fall in love with him?

I thought the art would do it, because girls like that kind of thing. Maybe I should have written her poetry, that’s kind of art. Anyway, I got her a roll of forest wallpaper, and covered it in unicorn and flower stickers, all the stuff that girls are supposed to like. I might not do so great in school, but my art game is strong.

I even have a little design studio setup at home, so that I can just make whatever I feel. Pretty much all my friends love my design skills. Just last night I made a wallpaper for Wally with all his favourite gaming characters, and that guy LOVES me. So why can’t Lucy just come around?

Maybe if I went over to her place and set it all up, she would finally realise that I’d do anything to be with her. And I bet her current wallpaper is super boring. She probably has pale pink walls to match her golden hair. Maybe she’s covered her closet with pictures of famous good-looking guys. Well, that can change. My vintage wallpaper is awesome, and I’m gonna prove it. I may suck at poetry, but it’s the thought that counts. I’ll write Lucy a poem and frame it so that the whole school can see it. Then she’ll realise that she feels the same way about me.