Victorian Pool Safety in Regards to Barriers and Fences

Note that Tell Me About is a general purpose knowledge repository and any specific advice on home pool safety and barriers should be taken to a professional or the Victorian state government.

We all love a good day in the pool and with today’s ever busy environment maybe you splashed out (ha ha ha) and bought yourself your own pool, for your home and for your loved ones (but mostly for yourself, am I right?). There are a few things that you will need to know in regards to pool fencing and barrier, and any concerns should also be discussed with your Melbourne pool fencing supplier.

A key to pool safety is your pool fence, or barrier. It must meet the state’s regulations about fencing, and safety, as well as location and general permission guidelines. The good news is that your existing boundary fence, most often used to peek into your neighbours better kept yard, can now be used as part of your pool fence installation, so long as all other requirements for the barrier are met. That also means that you have some license to create or commission a good looking pool fence, so long as it meets guidelines. Common pool fence designs include aluminium, steel, glass, both frameless and frame-abundant. you can even have windows, so long as they are closable and child-resistant.

The penalties for not having an appropriate pool fence, or no fence if you’re a real rebel, can be substantial. Penalties can go as high a $5,000 as well as $250 per day the fence is not up to code. The advice that I’m doling out today is this; if you have to get a fence that’s up to go, why not go all out and get one that you and your family can cherish, and enjoy looking at when you’ve had enough of looking at each other. Perhaps a nice semi frameless Melbourne pool fence will do wonders to your sorely lacking decor.