Gnome Plumbing Management

Plumbing in Gnome town is no joke. The kind of stuff I see in sewers and drains here is quite unbelievable. Probably the strangest thing I’ve ever encountered was when I went to a young gnome wizard’s house, who said he was having troubles with his bathtub. When I went into the bathroom, I was shocked to discover that there was no bath—just a drain! The young wizard then explained that he had accidentally shrunk his bathtub and gotten it stuck down the drain, which was what he needed help with. Now that’s something you don’t see outside of the Magical Region of Victoria, which both Gnome Town and Magical Gardens are part of.

We get weird requests all the time, so I’m starting to think my boss should be looking into some trade job management software, honestly. Every day, we go to work and he’s struggling to give us all the right assignments. Today I was like “bro, just get some software to take care of this stuff”, but he insists that he can handle it. He definitely can’t handle it, but he’s a stubborn old gnome. Forman O’Gorman believes that he could stop a building from falling over with his mind if he thinks hard enough, so he’s never going to admit that he can’t take care of some job assignments. I’ll keep trying, though. If anyone knows of a business offering plumbing job management software in the Melbourne area, please tell me about it. I don’t think I can take much more of this chaos.

So, before I wrap up, do you want to know about another crazy job I once had? I need a break from ranting about job management programs. Basically, I once went to this guy’s house to clean his drains. He was being pretty coy about what had caused the issue, so I used my drain camera to figure it out. Turns out that his familiar, a small blob cube, had crawled down the drain and gotten stuck there! I guess the guy was too embarrassed about losing his familiar to admit it.

Anyway, I’m out!

– Draino