Long Driving Retreat

My favourite thing to do in summer is to take a really long drive out to small towns I’ve never been to before, sleep next to the ocean, check out a couple of antique shops, then head home to catch up on the real world. It generally adds up to around three or four days of solid driving. Most of my friends don’t get it at all, but I enjoy the dedicated time to myself, and my house doesn’t have aircon… seems like a no-brainer to me.

Anyway, today I’m on my way back to a town that has been on my list of places to visit for along time and, low and behold, my car is failing. Please tell there is a highly recommended mechanic in Mornington. It’s beginning to dawn on me pretty seriously that the remainder of the drive is going to be far from enjoyable if I don’t get my car fixed, stat.

I’m guessing that the Mornington Peninsula is the closest area likely to have someone who can help me out on short notice. I’m generally pretty good at making small tweaks to the van on the road, but the air con is one thing I’ve never been any good at dealing with. It helps that I tend to get the thing professionally serviced on the regular, although I did cop out on my last scheduled check-up at the mechanics. In my defence, my registration was due and I had to go to the dentist that month, so give me a break.

I suppose I could use this as an opportunity to get a general car service. Mornington is a nice area to spend an afternoon while I wait right? Surely I can occupy myself there for a day while I wait for the van to get sussed out. I could find a cool cafe for lunch and then take a nice walk along the beach. If it’s nice I  could even book a hotel room and spend a weekend in Mornington enjoying the sea air. It seems extravagant, but when was the last time I did that?