Stanley’s Video Parable

Good morning, Stanley. Are you ready for another day of pushing your button?

“What? Who said that? Are you a ghost?”

I am not a ghost, Stanley. I am your narrator. Right now, you are sitting in your chair, ready for another simple day at work. It’s a simple job you have, pressing a single button over and over again, but it carries a great deal of weight. For without pressing that button, a local video production company, near Melbourne, would cease to exist.

“Wait, nobody ever told me that. Are you sure, Mr Ghost? They just told me to press this button without giving me a reason but promised to pay me really well to do it. Then again, my salary was never made clear, and I’m yet to see a paycheck even though I’ve been working here for five years. Maybe I shouldn’t press the button today. Who cares if the random local 2D animation company can’t produce videos? I don’t! I’m not pressing it!”

Stanley pushed the button, as he had done every day before then.

“No, I didn’t!”

Yes, you did.

“Listen here, Mr Ghost, I don’t know what kind of sick game you’re playing, but it makes no difference to me whether videos get made or not. Does my job help with post-production services? Does it help this company with creating particle effects? I have no idea because nobody has ever told me. So, until I get a paycheck and some more information, I am not doing anything.”

Stanley continued pushing the same button over and over again, as he was contractually obligated to do. He most certainly did not get up, leave his cubicle and begin exploring the abandoned office, wondering what had happened to everyone. No, indeed it was just a regular day at the office, filled with regular people. Nothing out of the ordinary was going on at all.

“You’re weird. I’m out of here.”

And so, Stanley pushed the button once more.