The Great Beyond is in Need of Wheels

One does not simply build a car from scratch, with no knowledge of how it works. But that’s the whole thing about receiving visions from the world of the beyond: they tell you to do stuff, and you just don’t question it, because it’s the great beyond and they know what they’re talking about.

I mean…they have to, right? You don’t just start questioning the wisdom of the great beyond.

Yeah, so, anyway, I had a dream and they told me to build a car, because it was very important my well-being, and maybe also the well-being of the world. I haven’t done any work on a car since I lived with Uncle Tony for the weekend and he made me help him switch out his under tray draws and the canopy for a new one. Pretty sure that’s not a job for laymen, and he thus really shouldn’t have been asking me, plus I knew nothing about cars…but anyway, that was it. We took off the ute canopy, put on a new one, and then I had to hold up his gas bottle holders for about half an hour while he drilled them on, and then continue holding them while he went into the shed to get the right screws. I never really liked visiting Uncle Tony.

And to be honest, a few aluminium accessories does not make a person into some kind of master car building…mechanic…person. I guess I need to start by researching what goes on a car- like a regular car, because I’m not into the idea of creating my own ute from scratch- and how to get the materials. And boy, I’m gonna be pretty put-out if it turns out that you need millions of dollars worth of industry materials, and possibly some kind of factory. You probably don’t though, right? People love cars; there are probably loads of people who’ve slapped them together in their back gardens or whatever. There will be whole tutorials, probably made my people like my Uncle Tony, telling you how to switch out your old draw systems for new ones. Definitely avoiding those ones though.