Tooth Brushing Fan

I’m the biggest fan of brushing my teeth! I absolutely love it. I love how fresh I feel after I brush. When I brush my teeth it seriously feels like I’ve washed away all my sins. It doesn’t matter if I’ve vomited from drinking too much, or eaten the worst food in the world that day, if I brush my teeth afterwards then I’m in the clear.

I also like brushing my teeth because my parents spent so much money on my orthodontic treatment when I was a teenager, that looking after them feels like the right thing to do.

But yeah, there really is no downside to brushing my teeth. I brush my teeth at least three times a day. That’s after every meal, and then if I leave the house I brush my teeth too. Sometimes I brush my teeth upwards of six times a day. And I feel absolutely fantastic every single time.

Anyway, got to go! I’ll upload this post even though it’s unfinished and finish it off next time I log on. Chat soon everyone.

Oh, wow. I was logged out for twenty-four hours and I now have thirty comments on this blog post. That’s up there with the most amount of comments I’ve ever received. At first, I was really excited, but now I’m stressed. What do you mean there’s such a thing as brushing my teeth too much? I swear the dentist near Bayside told me that I needed to brush my teeth more. Now that I think about it, maybe they said that when I was just brushing my teeth in the morning.  

Apparently, I can make my gums recede by brushing my teeth too much. Is that actually true? I love my teeth. I don’t want to have ugly gums. That would do the opposite of making my mouth feel fresh.