Cooling Secrets Revealed!


When I was a child I thought air conditioning units were magical, which I think is fair. It was hot outside, there was a clean white box that gave us cold air from nowhere, so it had to be some kind of magic. It was either that, or there was a refrigerator hidden in the wall right behind the unit, and that’s where it was getting all the cold air. I went behind the house once to try to confirm this theory, and found no fridge of any kind, so that pretty much confirmed the magic thing for me.

I believed that the air conditioning servicing companies Brisbane is famous for were run by wizards, which would explain why they’re everywhere. But then I grew up, and got curious, which leads me to this current night class on basic technology.

It’s week four, class is tonight, and looking at the syllabus, I know it’s the one I’ve been hanging out for: air conditioning. Finally, the secrets will be unveiled. I liked looking at the inside of a computer hard drive, the car engine was alright, and I could’ve done without taking a coffee machine apart. Now all the magic of my morning latte has been ruined, ruined I tell you!

But this week, they’ve promised that we’re going to be looking at the magic of air conditioning, which is not actually magic, but I feel will become more so once I figure out how it all works. I’ve been so patient. I’ve waited for so long. I’ve rung up so many air conditioning professionals just to ask how cooling works, but put down the phone because I was too nervous. A couple of times I even considered looking up a tutorial on Me-Straw, but…come on. Come on. As if air conditioning people would let their secrets be exposed like that. No one would want air conditioning repairs near Brisbane any more – not with a ten foot pole. The whole trade would collapse!

No, best that the secrets are only discovered by a chosen few. As a seeker of truth, I feel that I belong among that number.