Light, All Night

For most people over 30, it’s recommend that they see a doctor every year, just to make sure everything is fine. Just as a precaution, even if everything seems fine.

That’s all well and good, but I have a standing appointment with electrician companies in Cheltenham, because I need my power. Electricity is power, as they say, and I need more of it than the average person, due to my crippling fear of the dark. I have my home specially-fitted to make sure there’s not a single shadowy area, and in fact, the lights are so bright and well-positioned that there are barely any shadows either. They’re all on timers so that I don’t have to switch anything on, and they run all the way through the night. And yes, I have to be quite energy-conscious during the day in an attempt to keep the bills low. It’s not like I have that luxury at night time.

I see electricians regularly to make sure there are no gaps in the strategy. When I first bought all these lights and had them installed, I made the stupid mistake of just assuming that they’d all keep ticking over. Maybe one would go out, I’d replace it, but meh…could just do that the next day, and it’d be fine. But since then there have been a couple of serious power outage incidents, they’ve shaved years off my life, and I never want to go through that again. Got myself a set of very expensive generators that activate as soon as they detect a power surge, and obviously I needed residential electricians to set them up in my home. So now, it’s always bright in my home, even when the rest of the street or more goes out. And yes, I do have blackout curtains, to avoid angering the neighbours. It’s that, or I’m blazing my light out into the street like a permanent Christmas display.